Me and Jolie dressed up
Child on Bus Morning coffee yogurt with berries This is what I’ve accomplished so far.  Oh, and letting the dogs in and out and in and out…  My brain is full of to-does today.  How about you?  What is it about the fall that revs up our busyness? This weekend […]

A Shopping, Lunching and Outlander Weekend

Women exercising
Anne Fowler Wade, friend and blogger of Soulmate Dance, was telling me through messaging the other day about what she does for exercise.  She said she walks, and does yoga and NIA.  What’s NIA?, I said.  She sent me a link to the main website so I could check it […]

What’s a ThriveWell NIA DIVA?

Plunder Fall 2017 Catalog
Good Tuesday Morning!  I am pretty pumped up this morning because the weather is cool and I can even have my back door open!  There are squirrels and hummingbirds in the yard and a doe is staring at me through the fence!  Another reason I am peppy today is because […]

Seven New Must Have Jewelry Pieces for the Fall

...Two Hours Later 1
With everything going on in our nation, I feel a little silly starting to write this post about my weekend of makeup tinkering and mani/pedis and wedding showers.  I will carry on and share, though.  Having connections to Floridians through social media, I am getting updates from them on how […]

Makeup, a Zpack and Mani/Pedi

Kitchen Table Talk 4
Friday!  I have a lot planned for today.  How about you?  The most exciting thing I have going on today is some makeup help at ULTA.  I’m going in to see if they can recommend a light, easy to do makeup routine.  With my gray curly hair, if I have […]

Kitchen Table Talk

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  It’s a yummy 73 degrees here in San Antonio!  Now it’s time for my Fall decorations!  This is a busy week for us Karshi.  Tonight I get to help make football mums with some choir ladies.  That is the fall fundraiser for the high school […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Jolie's new bedroom 1
What a weekend!  I’ve been under the weather with flu-like symptoms since last Thursday.  Hurricane Harvey blew in bringing rain and wind to our house.  And, we were trying to finish up Jolie’s bedroom before she started school today, Monday.  I was mad that I didn’t feel well and couldn’t […]

New Bedroom – New School Year

Plunder catalog 1
Good Tuesday morning!  I was debating what to post this morning when I ran across a blog post about Organizing your Purse.  The blog is called  She had such great ideas and reading the post motivated me to grab my purse and see what could be done about it. […]

Starting Small – Organizing my Purse

August Plunder Posse 3
Do you ever have weeks where for some reason you just can’t sleep?  I’ve always prided myself on being a good sleeper.  Lately that’s not the case.  Maybe it’s too much caffeine.  I like my iced tea and this time of year with the temps being in the 100’s, I’m […]

Weekend Wear

Kitchen Table Talk 1
Friday!  FriYay!  I’m trying to give myself a pep talk.  My day got off to a dud of a start.  I set my alarm to wake up in time for the Barbell class at Lifetime Fitness.  It went off, I hit snooze, and never heard it again!  I woke up […]

Kitchen Table Talk – Back to School Shopping