Happy Valentine’s Day my friends! I am starting my day off with some Earl Grey tea laced with lemon and honey. I have the last of laryngitis and now coughing and congestion. When I get sick like this, I do it big. No tiny cold symptoms for me. We are […]

Kitchen Table Talk

Fat Tuesday, mm, hmmm. Mardi Gras! We love celebrating it in my family! We began commemorating the day soon after taking a few trips to New Orleans in the early 90’s. I was working for Southwest Airlines as a reservationist and earning space available passes for not missing any work […]

Get Your Mardi Gras On!

Ok, wait, let me explain!  For the last month, I have been reading the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  Along with a group of nearly 100 other women, we have done daily assignments over the course of 28 days in an attempt to make Gratitude an ingrained habit.  I […]

How Breast Cancer Gave Me Many Blessings

This post is all about a busy weekend of attending a baby boy shower, shopping for micro greens at the farmers market and what I wore for all the above!

From Baby Showers to Microgreens

black and white herringbone vest 4
I have been working on this blog for about 6 months now and I really haven’t changed anything as far as the appearance of the blog.  I primarily write it on my cell phone and don’t always see “the big picture”.  So, I made an appointment with a non-profit group […]

Kitchen Table Talk – Midlife Musings

Good Tuesday morning everyone! Brrr, we are having a winter ice situation here in San Antonio, TX and the city has pretty much shut down! The schools are closed, the Air Force base where my husband works is closed and many streets are blocked off. We don’t do well with […]

Closed for Business?

I am literally sitting here at my kitchen table typing this out on my cell phone huddled by a space heater. We have been without heat for a week! The repairman is due though between the illustrious hours of “10 and 2” so keep your fingers and toes crossed! Everyday […]

Kitchen Table Talk

Saturday I love Saturdays! There are usually lots of options on how to spend the day! Pat made us all bacon and eggs this morning with cups of coffee. He made them the “bad for you way” of cooking the bacon first and then frying the eggs in the bacon […]

Back into the Swing

Pat, Jolie and I were in high cotton this weekend! We were in Dallas for the wedding of one of my best friend’s son. Jolie had never been to Dallas, so she was excited about using her new Nikon for the sites. We were invited to the rehearsal dinner Friday […]

Oh What A Night!

Is it wrong to feel a sense of relief today? To be relieved that Christmas is over for this year? I enjoyed our celebration and I love buying gifts I think my people will enjoy. I had so much fun decorating my house this year and our tree is filled […]

Dirty Dishes in the Sink and I don’t Care🎵🎶