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Today’s post will be short, but not sweet.  Perhaps bittersweet as I write about a larger than life man who passed away.  Yesterday, Noel Thomas LIndemann, know as “Buster” passed away at 84.  

He was my uncle, my mothers sister’s husband.  He lived in rural South Texas and made his living as a rancher and fertilizer supplier.  He and my Aunt Gladys married young and had 6 kids. In the early days he had a milk hauling business with huge sanitized milk tanks.  Then the Lindemann Fertilizer business was born and he served many with agricultural needs.  But ranching I think was his love. 

I was always a bit intimidated by him as a child because he was so tall and he asked lots of questions.  As a shy kid, I didn’t want him to ask me questions.  He was generous, curious, and faith-filled.  And he loved his wife and wasn’t afraid to show it.  Some of my earliest memories are of eating at my grandmas and he was always smooching up on Aunt Gladys or squeezing and hugging her!  I wasn’t used to that PDA among my parents.

He and Aunt Gladys have had many friends.  They particularly enjoyed their visits with the former pitcher, Nolan Ryan and his wife. Ryan had land close by and they became friends.

Many never know a real and true cowboy, but I can say I did.  I remember seeing him in chaps and spurs  and they were worn for the purpose they were intended for.  He loved his horses and cattle and his kids.  He mostly loved his wife, Gladys, and his kids say his heart was broken when she passed away several years ago and that he was ready to be with her.  

Happy Trails Uncle Buster and go get your girl.

Photo courtesy of Kacey Lindemann Butler 


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  • Lisa

    I have the image of age dropping away as he rides off into the mirage toward heaven. Happy trails Buster.

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