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I love Saturdays! There are usually lots of options on how to spend the day!

Pat made us all bacon and eggs this morning with cups of coffee. He made them the “bad for you way” of cooking the bacon first and then frying the eggs in the bacon grease! OMG! Why does everything that tastes SO good have to be bad for you!

Today is take down Christmas day. It isn’t very fun and everything looks bland afterwards, but the silver lining is that it helps get the house clean

I found an outfit I liked online a couple of weeks ago and decided to “shop my closet” to see if I could come up with something similar. Here is the outfit from –

I actually ended up ordering the scarf shown and received it in the mail several days ago. It was by Plum Feathers and is SO soft which I like since it’s close to my face. I couldn’t locate my black leggings which is actually probably a good thing, so I went with some knit black pants. I couldn’t find the gray T-shirt I wanted to use, so I substituted another gray tee and then used a chambray tunic. I wore black boots. I guess you see a theme here of needing to work on my closet! It’s time for another purge. I have to channel Marie Kondo and just do it! So here is what I managed for Saturday night to go eat out.


Did I mention that we have been without heat for several days? Luckily it’s been a bit warmer and it’s really not so bad at night under the covers, but mornings are chilly. We went to church and then had some Mexican food for lunch. Pat says that was our last eating out for awhile. Pat says we need to save money and Pat says we need to start eating better now that the holidays are over. Hmmm

I’ve begun a journey with almost 100 other women online using a book called “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. Are you familiar with this book or author? I was not and I’m excited about starting this study of the benefits of declaring Gratitude.

I will keep you posted on how it goes. There are daily activities for 28 days.

I have been with Rodan+Fields now since October as a consultant. I am enjoying it and learning a good deal. Not only is it a good job with unlimited potential, but I have met so many kind and lovely women as fellow consultants. We do weekly Zoom calls and talk about our work and the products. One thing that has helped me talk about the cost of the products is the following photo –

When you purchase a regimen, you are getting several products created to work together and when you break the cost down like in the photo above, isn’t your face worth as much as a daily latte? I think so! If you do too, take the Solutions Tool here and see what the doctors recommend for you. Become a Preferred Customer and get 10% off and free shipping. I will reimburse you the cost of your one time $19.95 membership fee by check. AND for the month of January which is my Birthday 🎂 Month, anyone who joins as a PC (Preferred Customer) will be entered into a drawing for a Multi-Function Eye Cream which is a $62 value!


While I was writing this post, the Plunder Design Valentines Day collection was released! Love it 😍

You can go to to see and purchase these. Choose PattiJanuary for the party please. Remember, for the month of January if you purchase two pieces, I will mail you a free piece from my collection!

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Patti 🙂


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