Barbell Class- She Went There 2

Barbell class-She wentThere

Barbell class-She went There

Disclaimer!  The gal in the photo above is not me.  You probably knew that.  I was just trying to get fancy on the Canva app and make a blog graphic.  I wish I did look like that.  In an attempt to “better” myself, I went to the Friday morning Barbell class in Studio 1 at Lifetime Fitness.  My friend, Angie, said come, its a great class!  Angie has arms that are wonderful.  I want arms like hers.  So, I went to the hour long class.  I was a little late and the class was packed.  Locating Angie towards the back, I made my way back there and she graciously got me set up with the equipment I would need.

Bar, Weights, Stepper, Mat

Just like the girl in the pic, we had weights on each end of the bar and I started off with 5 pound weights on each side.  I wanted zero weights, but didn’t want to be an embarrassment to gurl power.  I was fine for awhile.  Then I had to go down to 2.5 pounds per side.  Then the lightheadedness set in.  Ok, too much whining.  The hardest part of the hour was the lunges.  I’ve never been much of a lunger.  We then did crunches on the stepper and I may or may not have rolled off.

The Days After

The next day I was sore, but it was day 2 and 3 when I took to my bed.  Just kidding, but it was very hard walking up and down my stairs.  Advil was called in.  That was Friday and today is Monday and I’m back to normal.  The thing is, I will go back on Friday I’m pretty sure.  I know what to expect now and I can modify when I feel that it’s too much for me.  This class could give me arms like Angie’s and if that’s even a remote possibility then I’m in!



Patti 🙂


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