Christmas in July! One gift for everyone!

I just finished customizing an order for 17 Plunder Atlas Christmas ornaments for a customer!  Plunder is running a special for the month of July.  A Christmas in July sale!  You receive a personalized ornament in antique gold or silver for $16 each!  The price will go up to $28 after July.  Like my customer, you could cover a small Christmas tree with just these ornaments or put them on your big main tree.  Let me show you an example:

Plunder ornament in Antique Gold

Plunder ornament in Antique Gold

These ornaments would be super gifts for so many.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Use a photo of your Child’s Art
  • Backpack Tags
  • Realtor gifts for clients with a pic of their new house or saying Home Sweet Home
  • Sports pics
  • In Memory of someone dear
  • A Birth Announcement
  • A Name Badge
  • Pics of your Pets for the Christmas tree
  • Pics of your Kids/ Grandkids for the Christmas tree
  • Attach a key ring and have a personalized key chain
  • Put a chain through it and have a necklace
  • Your business logo

Here are a few more examples:

Mom's art work

Mom’s art work

Poptart our Pom

Poptart our Pom

An idea for new home owners

Photo of us at Snoopys

Photo of us at Snoopy’s

This offer for the $16 price is only good up until July 31.  To order go to and select any party that says VIC or has Patti in it.  The ornament is under Specials.   Or, email me at

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I do profit from the sale of the ornaments described above.