Closed for Business?

Good Tuesday morning everyone! Brrr, we are having a winter ice situation here in San Antonio, TX and the city has pretty much shut down! The schools are closed, the Air Force base where my husband works is closed and many streets are blocked off.

We don’t do well with ice here since it doesn’t happen all that often. We had about a 30% chance of snow but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Guess what? I can still do my businesses online no matter the weather. I can still work my Rodan+Fields business from my phone 📱. I can still tell you about this great opportunity to have the best skin of your life and the opportunity to have a business that you can take anywhere! Military wives can have a mobile business that they don’t have to “root up”. Retired women can keep bringing in some income and still use their talents and skills. Young women can help with their college tuition by having a Rodan+Fields business. Give me a call at (210) 860-0612 and we can see if this business is right for you or message me with any questions you have.

Anyone who purchases a Rodan+Fields Regimen as a Preferred Customer this month receives a free eye cream from me and anyone who partners with me in this business receives a $50 rebate from me AND the eye cream!❤️

Take the Solutions Tool here and see what the doctors recommend. You can purchase or sign up at

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Patti 🙂