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I struggled with what direction to take my post in today.  One idea was to talk about our Open Swim night and what fun that is with the kids. The other idea was to talk about cancer treatments and how I got an email this morning that said I should take a full spectrum Curcumin formula tablet daily and that chemo is outdated.    Hmmm.  I’m going with the Open Swim night!


Several years ago a very good friend of mine and her husband were debating putting a swimming pool in their backyard.  The idea behind it was that their teenage kids would have a fun place for their friends to gather and my friend and her husband would know where their kids were and who they were hanging with.  Well, the “swimming” pool idea didn’t work out, but they did enclose their garage and put in a very nice “pool table!”  The concept was the same.  Kids would gather at their house and all would be well.


Pat and I liked this idea and so four years ago when Jolie was 10 we took the plunge (see what I did there?)  We figured we would be in this house at least, God willing, another 10 years and so it would be a good investment for us.  It has been!  It does not take as much maintenance as we expected (easy for me to say I don’t do it).  Also, of note is that we do not have a subdivision swimming pool.


So, Open Swim nights were born.  Every Tuesday from the end of school to back to school, we have a standing invitation to neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, classmates, etc. to come over between 6p-9p and swim.  We serve hotdogs and chips and off brand soft drinks.  Sometimes we have lots of folks, sometimes just a few of Jolie’s friends.  Sometimes I bring my 86-year-old dad over in his wheel chair so he can be among the “youngsters.”  I’m not tooting our horn or being all snorkel and no water, so to speak.  I just wanted to share how this works for us.  We get to meet Jolie’s friends in person that we hear about when we ask who are you talking to on SnapChat.  We get to meet new neighbors.  We get to reconnect with old friends.  We get to introduce our friends to new friends, etc.

So for as long as Jolie and her friends want to gather here, we will be happy.  I’m sharing a few photos of our Tuesday night fun.

Kids jumping in the pool

Kids jumping in the pool

Open Swim night

Open Swim night

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Just keep swimming,

Patti 🙂

“The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.” – Unknown


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