Happy Black Friday- Meals and Deals

Fresh sheets on the bed, dishes done and put away, and no major food mistakes – these are a few things I am very grateful for right now at midnight!    Pat, Jolie and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house. My sister and brother-in-law were our guests. With Jolie being 15 now, she showed more interest in the meal prep than before. We were all seriously considering going out to eat this year but Jolie said that she likes it when we all have time to sit around and talk.  Well, what parent can resist that, right? So, I put her to work grinding cranberries and oranges for a cranberry relish that we love.  I got out the old fashioned grinder instead of the food processor because that’s how I learned to make it as a kid at my grandma’s.

Pat’s favorite dessert is something we’ve dubbed Karshis Crunch.  It is a puddingish trifle with coconut, almonds, coolwhip and pudding. He makes it.

Jolie helped me set the table and we were pleased with the outcome.

And so was the cat. 😳

While all of our prep and then eating and visiting was going on, I could hear my phone dinging and chiming. Plunder Design Black Friday sneak peeks were coming through. There are some incredibly good buys that will be available to purchase online in the morning WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

I want to show you my personal favorites first. This is Christmas jewelry but with a modern twist!

Did you see the fantastic prices on these?!  Then there are the following beauties that can be worn anytime.

I’m really thrilled with the quality and prices on these!  You can order online from purelygirlyjewelry.com. Please click on SHOP and select the party called “turkeypatti”. These Black Friday Deals will be found under the Specials category.  Feel free to message me or call me if you have questions. 210-860-0612

I LOVE the idea of shopping from home. I am tired from a full day today and like the idea of not getting out there on Friday among the masses.  Are you a big Black Friday shopper?  Are you doing more online shopping this year?

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Patti 😊