Just Keep Swimming! Or, Doing Water Aerobics 2

I recently went back to doing Water Aerobics at our nearby Lifetime Fitness.  Recently, as in last week.  I was doing the classes religiously right up until my breast cancer surgery last August.  Absolutely love it because, well I’m an Aquarius and I’ve always loved the water and also love it because you don’t SWEAT!

Today I took Pat with me.  He took today off from work thinking he and Jolie would go to Fiesta Texas together.  You know a father/daughter thing before she goes back to school.  But, being a teenager, Jolie decided she didn’t want to go.  So he went with me to luxuriate in the cool water and workout at the same time.  Perfect!  Of course, after you workout you should have protein, right?  So we ate California omelets at the Lifecafe.  They are so yummy and came with a side of spicy, diced sweet potatoes and this little buttered roll with every grain known to man in it.

I have been wearing a swimsuit with a men’s Magellan 50 SPF shirt to water aerobics class, but it is not ideal.  I’m trying to keep the sun off of my arms because they are so spotty and also because of the lymphedema in my left arm.  Some of the ladies in the class told me to check out Coolibar for their water and SPF shirts.   Also  looked at Lands End and Swim Outlet.  Here is what I want to get!

Lands End Swim Top

Lands End Swim Top

Swim Jacket

Swim Jacket

The options all have something going for them.  The Coolibar shirt is a beautiful design and has the thumb holes that keep your sleeves from flopping in the water.  It’s a bit pricy though.  The Land’s End shirt is really cute with a flattering v neck, comes in Plus sizes and is a good price.  The Swim Outlet jacket has great features like thumb holes and the ease of zipping it on and off instead of having to pull a wet top off your body.  It is priced nicely too.

Any recommendations?

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Just keep swimming,

Patti 🙂







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  • Patrick Karshis

    Yes, it was a good water workout! And breakfast! I could do this everyday, but work seems to get in the way! You go Patti! You are strong and your are love by your family and God. Love, ya! Patrick

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