Kitchen Table Talk

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!

I am starting my day off with some Earl Grey tea laced with lemon and honey. I have the last of laryngitis and now coughing and congestion.

When I get sick like this, I do it big. No tiny cold symptoms for me. We are talking entire boxes of tissues, paper towels, TP. Whatever is available at the moment.

I took myself down to the Quality Urgent Care on Monday to plead my case for the trifecta – antibiotics, steroid shot, zpack. I got one out of three – the shot. But it’s not working! Do you ever second guess yourself and think, I jerked when the shot went in so maybe it didn’t work right?? I know this tech was sick of me because I gagged when he did the strep test and grimaced and groaned when he did the flu test. Thankfully those two came back negative!

So, here I sit on Valentine’s Day thinking, well at least my nose is the right color for the day – Red!

I will rally though for tonite and make Pat and Jolie something good for dinner and then we can watch some Olympics.

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Have a great day!


Patti 🙂


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