Kitchen Table Talk 3

Got siblings?  I have one sister.  Pat has 5 brothers. Often we have marveled how different we can all be having grown up under the same roof.

Sibling Differences

My sister is hyper organized, very methodical and super analytical.  Her house is neat as a pin, she changes her sheets weekly and washes towels after one use.

I on the other hand, am disorganized, have a messy house and let’s not talk about my sheets!

When my sister and I were still living at home, my dad brought home one of those personality/learning tests that became popular in the 80’s. He was a school principal at the time. He had us all take the test.  My sister and my dad were scored as being “Concrete Sequential” and me and mom were “Abstract Random”. Need I say more?

Case in Point

Yesterday I accompanied my sister to a doctor appointment. She has a binder, with tabs, for her medical information. I’m so envious!  The doc asks a question and she finds the answer right away. If they asked me when my last tetanus shot was, I’d still be scrounging through a stack of papers and would have to call them back next Tuesday!

Hopefully I’m not coming off as being derogatory. Being different is good.  Praise God she is organized because I don’t know where dad’s house  would be if it were up to me.  We each learn a little from the other. I am more social than she is and definitely more of a risk taker.   We can’t all be the same. How boring, right?!    Some experts say the differences are due to birth order.  Some say it’s different treatment from parents, or family labeling such as she’s the extrovert and she’s the smart one.  I don’t know.  But, I do know that no matter how different, we siblings need each other.

me and sis

me and sis

Well, have a happy Friday and I’m off to change my sheets!  Maybe


Patti 🙂


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