Kitchen Table Talk – Back to School Shopping 1

Kitchen Table Talk

Kitchen Table Talk

Friday!  FriYay!  I’m trying to give myself a pep talk.  My day got off to a dud of a start.  I set my alarm to wake up in time for the Barbell class at Lifetime Fitness.  It went off, I hit snooze, and never heard it again!  I woke up around 9:05 having missed the class and water aerobics.  I think I sabotaged myself!  I don’t know if I can make water aerobics on Saturday morning because Pat or I need to take Jolie to “Cub Camp”.  She is going to be a Freshman at Johnson High School.  Middle school flew by!

School Clothes Shopping

School clothes shopping was on the agenda yesterday.  I know, we should have waited for Texas Tax Free Weekend.  But, it’s going to be crazy!  We hit Kohl’s and found some cute things and you know it’s going to get so picked over today so I’m rationalizing that it was worth it to get the sizes she needs and not deal with crowds.

Cute lace up red soft dress

Cute lace up red soft dress

Cold shoulder gingham top

Cold shoulder gingham top

We found an aqua colored Jansport backpack and some underpinnings to round out the Kohl’s purchases.

Today, we are going to the Grand Opening of our new neighborhood HEB.  Probably will be crowded too, but we have been watching it be built for over a year and we are kind of excited!

So, what do you think of Jolie’s choices?  Comment below and tell us where you like to do back to school shopping.

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  • Katelin

    Love Jolie’s clothes choices! We went to the North Star Mall. It was crazy but Mackenzie had so much fun trying on clothes. It was however, very difficult to find “school appropriate clothes. Hard to find “non-spaghetti strap” tops!

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