Kitchen Table Talk


This past weekend, I participated as a table hostess at our church’s annual Ladies Christmas Dinner. This function has transformed through the years from a dessert tea to potluck to a catered meal. This time our meal was made for us by The Outdoorsmen group at our church, River City Community Church.  These gentlemen grilled over 200 plus steaks for us and we were served that along with delicious, perfectly done baked potatoes with all of the toppings, a tasty green salad with ranch dressing and a dinner roll. My steak was mouth-wateringly good!

Our small group at church consists of 7 couples. All seven ladies attended. The overall theme of the evening was “The Gift.” I was ready to do a playful theme for the table with gift packages for the centerpiece and Santa chair-back covers. Jane reminded me about the true gift of Christmas! So we used a beautiful nativity set of Jane’s as our centerpiece along with some silver boxes with lights inside them. We put to use a white tulle tablecloth that I love to use and put little battery-powered lights underneath so the table was beautifully lit up!

I wore a black sparkly top with velvet bottoms. Both were found at Ross.


On Saturday, Pat, Jolie and I helped wrap Christmas gifts for the people who come to Haven for Hope this weekend for a meal. My brother and sister-in-law run this ministry for our church. They had us do an assembly line and we each had an item to add to a bag. I was emery boards and nail clippers. Jolie was socks and hats and Pat was QC! There were numerous volunteers. We bagged and wrapped and loaded over 300 gifts 🎁.

Sunday, Jolie and I put her Christmas quilt on her bed and Bo had to test it out right away.

I found these Christmas plates at Tuesday Morning on Saturday and became obsessed with finding more.  That store only had three, so on Sunday I went all over to find a total of 8.  I was successful, yay, because I’m like a dog with a bone about stuff like that! LOL

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Rodan+Fields gifts

Rodan+Fields gifts

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