Kitchen Table Talk 2

morning tea

morning tea

It’s Friday!  I’m sitting here at the kitchen table with two cats who are looking out the window at hummingbirds and wrens.  I know they should not actually BE on the table, but hey that training to stay off stuff ship sailed a long time ago!

We are probably the last people on the planet to get a Keurig coffee maker so we have been very excited about all the little different kinds of pods you can find.  Right now I am drinking some Earl Grey tea made from a pod or whatever they are called.  After a little breakfast oatmeal, I’m going to have a blood draw and then do a bank deposit.   Since beginning to sell Plunder jewelry last fall, I have been trying to dress a bit better when I go out to do small errands.  In the past I would throw on a t-shirt and shorts and crocs and go.  Now I want to look better to show off my jewels!  Speaking of crocs, a girl told me the other day that if you wear the big original crocs, it means you have just quit trying!  Haha!

The shirt I am wearing is from Cato and it was on their sale rack for $7.99.  I don’t much like going sleeveless, but it is almost a necessity right now in San Antonio with the heat.  I have on the Tevin earrings from Plunder which are an unbelievable $8!

Tonight, Pat and I are going to Monte Carlo Night at the Randolph AFB Parr Club.  We went last year with Pat’s brother, Terry, and his wife.  We had a blast!  You get play money to buy chips and then at the end of the night you can use your winnings to bid on all kinds of items like electronics, gift cards, etc.  For only $20 a person you get a meal and a couple of hours of black jack, roulette, craps, etc.  Maybe I will learn how to play craps tonight!

Well, I am off to do those errands and field phone calls about caregivers for dad.  We thought we had an awesome lady lined up through an agency for weekend overnights, but it sounds like it fell through.  You would not believe how many caregivers we have been through.  It is a working overnight shift so that Shannon and I can sleep at our own homes.  We have had good ones we lost, bad ones we got rid of and everything in between.  Praise the Lord we have a terrific lady who has been with dad for three years who does the Monday thru Thursday overnights and all day Saturday.  We know what a gift we have in Yolanda.

Thanks for joining me for Friday Kitchen Table Talk!

Have a cool weekend!




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  • Sherry

    Friday’s Kitchen Table Talk is a great idea — you looked relaxed and very chic for running errands. Now I have another reason to enjoy Fridays!

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