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Hey, hey, good Monday morning!  Well, ok, actually, it is Sunday night at about 10:30pm and I wanted to get a jump on tomorrow’s blog post.  I know it’s late, and you aren’t supposed to eat after 8pm, blah, blah, blah, but we just realized we hadn’t eaten any dinner and so I made some quick chicken soup with wide egg noodles, water, bouillon cubes and canned chicken.  Not gourmet, but pretty tasty.

new business

I want to share with you about my Saturday night.  If you don’t know yet, I joined the #1 Skincare brand in North America in October as a consultant.  Rodan + Fields!!!  And you probably know the company is founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathie Fields the originators of ProActiv.  Stalking, I mean, watching Tania Stephens of for about 6 months, convinced me that the products she was using were working.  She shared on her blog about the Redefine Regimen and the Multipurpose Eye Cream and the AMP MD Roller.  I joined her in the business on October 1st and haven’t looked back since.

personal development

I am learning a good deal about what it means to have your own business.  Phrases like personal development, reach outs and follow ups are new to me.  Now I have been in business for a year with my Plunder Jewelry business and that direct sales experience has been phenomenal.  But it’s just now that I am branching out to learn more overall.  This is so good for my 55-year-old brain!  A book was recommended to me called “Get Over Your Damn Self” The No-BS Blueprint to building a Life-Changing Business by Romi Neustadt.  I may be the last sales person on earth to read this book, but it is downloaded on my phone and I am ready to read!  I am going to √ the square for personal development this week with that book!

big business launch

margaritas and mini facials (2

margaritas and mini facials (2

This past Saturday night, seven ladies came over for a night of Margaritas and Mini Facials.  This was considered my business launch party.  We sipped our drinks and visited and noshed and got caught up on everyone’s lives.  Then, we sat in my dining room and got down to our mini facials.  My friend and fellow R+F consultant, Angie, was there and she was fantastic at helping field questions.  Here is a picture of how I set up at each person’s spot at the table.

Mini facial set up

Mini facial set up

I ordered from a source on Etsy, Darknightdesigns, the Enter to Win cards as an instant download that I could then print out.  Everyone got a fresh washcloth, a small bowl of warm water, a new headband, a Give it a Glow pack, a Micro Dermabrasion Paste pack, a pen and my business card.  I did four drawings throughout the evening for fun prizes like a sparkly drinking cup, soft socks, and sparkly cosmetic bags.  Faces were cleaned of makeup and then we used the Micro Dermabrasion Paste.  After 60 seconds, this was wiped off with a dampened washcloth.  We took the Intensive Renewing Serum capsule out of the Give it a Glow pack and put that on next and then followed up with the Lip Renewing Serum.  Extra dry skinned guests used a squirt of Active Hydration Serum.


R+F Display

R+F Display

Everyone was a great sport about trying out the products.  I am so thankful for my dear friends for coming out on a Saturday night to learn more about Rodan + Fields!


A lot of sellers are beginning their Cyber Week sales and I AM TOO!

Regimen/eye cream special

Regimen/eye cream special

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This sale starts today and goes through Monday, Nov.27th!

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  • Brenda

    Hi Patti. I started with Rodan+Fields products in August and can honestly say that they have transformed my skin and appearance. I have used expensive products for years…as well as prescriptive anti-aging products from my dermatologist. NOTHING has worked like the Rodan+Fields products. Good luck in your new business!! These products are truly amazing.

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