Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

There is a bumper sticker you can buy for your Mom Van that says “I used to be Cool”. Well I think I need a T shirt that says “I used to be Cute!” Lol. I’m not looking for sympathy, well not totally anyway, but it is hard aging!!

Today I went to the dermatologist because I am experiencing some rapid hair loss. I’m kind of panicking a tad because just within weeks I’ve thinned in the crown and along the temples just like male patterned baldness.

So, as so often we have to do, I’ve been trying to educate myself on what could be causing this. I lost my full head of hair when on chemo and I was so excited when it began to grow back in albeit it was curly and weird! Things have been going steady for the last 8 months and then boom 💥!

I called my oncologist to see if it could be the Tamoxifen I take daily and will do so for another year before switching to an aromatase inhibitor. He said there was about a 5% chance of hair loss as a side effect and gave me the referral to the dermatologist.

The derm took two biopsies of my scalp (ouch that was fun) and we will have results in two weeks. He is looking for what’s happening to my hair follicles. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, my dog Poptart is suffering from a bad skin condition. She is taking antibiotics for a bacterial infection. Could I have gotten a bacterial infection from my dog? They said it’s rare, but possible. 😳.

Life is like dodgeball sometimes. Sometimes you duck and avoid getting hit, and other times you get whacked upside the head!

Anyway, that is my overshare for the day. If you have any information on hair loss and remedies, please share!

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Patti 🙂