New Bedroom – New School Year 1

What a weekend!  I’ve been under the weather with flu-like symptoms since last Thursday.  Hurricane Harvey blew in bringing rain and wind to our house.  And, we were trying to finish up Jolie’s bedroom before she started school today, Monday.  I was mad that I didn’t feel well and couldn’t help Pat paint on Saturday.  But, it might have been just as well.  We can hardly hang a curtain rod without needing mediation afterwards!! Haha!

I think her room turned out very well.  We still have décor to get like lamps and a desk, but the main things are done.  Pat painted the walls with Behr Marquee One-Coat Hide paint in Wind Speed from Home Depot.  My unconcerned with labels daughter picked a comforter set from  Here is what we have so far –

Jolie's new bedroom

Jolie’s new bedroom

I will show more as we finish up adding her wooden “J’s” on the wall and other décor.

So, this morning was the big off to school day.  It’s Jolie’s first day of high school!  It is so hard to believe.

Jolie's first day of High School

Jolie’s first day of High School

Short post today.  I have Dad Duty.  I’ve got to pack a few things and head over to dad’s house for the day to take care of him.  No rest for the wicked! 🙂

Have a great Monday!


Patti 🙂



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