Slime Time 2

Yesterday, Jolie and I were supposed to work on overhauling her bedroom.  That didn’t happen.  Instead we made Slime.  Not just any Slime, but Candle Slime!  Curious?  Here is what we did:


  1. For a big candle such as a three wick Bath and Body Works candle-use 4 bottles of Elmer’s glue.  For a small 1 wick candle, we used 1 bottle of glue
  2. Glass bowl
  3. Wisk
  4. A plastic spoon to scrape the bowl and stir
  5. Oven mitts for hot candle
  6. Double boiler
  7. Slime activator – Borax mixture, or liquid starch, or liquid clothes detergent, etc.


  • Help your child or grandchild pick a candle to melt.  Must supervise this choice because you don’t want them to pick your best candles!  Haha!
  • Rig up a double boiler system because your husband threw away your normal one.
  • Put water in the bottom of your pot and place your candle in the top pot.
  • Heat should be on Medium-Low.  A slight simmer, Jolie says.
  • The melting process may take a little while.  Ours took about 20 minutes.
  • Take out metal candle wick and throw it away
  • Pour melted wax in to bowl with adult help
  • Begin to stir and drizzle in the glue
  • Depending on you candle size, keep stirring in your glue
  • Keep stirring to get most of the lumps out ( if you need to, put bowl on double bowler to soften the thick mixture
  • Stirring in glue

    Softening on double boiler

  • Now add your activator of your choice. I’m using the borax mixture.  Make this by dissolving household borax in hot water.  A tsp borax to a cup of water.
  • Adding Borax activator to Slime mixture

    Adding Borax activator to Slime mixture

    Finished product 🙂


    There will be some chunkiness to the slime due to the candle wax, but we think it adds good texture.

  • Store your slime in an airtight container.
  • Take it out and play!  Poke it, squeeze it, swirl it!

Thanks for joining us today!  As always, I appreciate you Liking and Sharing my post and subscribing by email to receive my blog posts!

Patti 🙂


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