Teen Gifts Wanted By Real Teens

Here are several gifts my fifteen year old daughter ordered for herself and for friends!

  • Penguin 🐧 T shirt. Jolie’s friend wanted it in a men’s large so she could sleep in it!
  • This one cracks me up but Jolie loves the idea of using this while she “studies!”
  • Squishies seem to be popular with the kids and can be purchased on Amazon.
  • For Girls, an ULTA gift card is always a good bet if they are into makeup and hair.
  • https://www.ulta.com/ulta/giftcards
  • You can do an actual gift card or for a quick teen gift there are e-gift cards.

Onesies. Yes, teens like onesies. I don’t really get it but it’s harmless. This onesie was a popular gift at a recent birthday party.

  • Credit card and ID holder for their cellphone

You can probably find these lots of places, but these are offered through Initial Outfitters and the consultant’s name is Cara Hackler Schwartz. www.initialoutfitters.net/15157/

Ok, that “wraps” up my teen ideas! Hope that helps you buy for this illusive age group!


Patti 🙂