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September Wedding

Wedding time!  We have a wedding coming up in September for the daughter of a very close friend.  I will be assigned some duties to help out like corralling the wedding party after photos and setting up tablecloths and centerpieces at the reception venue.  Love this kind of stuff!  What I don’t always love is finding something to wear.  I want to look nice, not too old, not too tight, not overly fancy, just right.  I started looking online to see what is out there.  For the bride’s brother’s wedding I wore a cream and orange wrap front dress but looking back at photos, it was too busy and not slimming at all.  My weight is an issue, so I need something darker in color but not too hot either.  September will still be warm here!  I’m looking at dresses, but maybe it doesn’t have to be a dress?

Dress Options

I found these dresses while searching Google for what to wear to a wedding as a guest.  See what you think:

taffeta and lace blue dress

taffeta and lace blue dress

blue dress with cape overlay

blue dress with cape overlay

Dress barn dress with jacket

Dress barn dress with jacket

Blue chiffon

Blue chiffon

veck neck with sleeves

v neck with sleeves

Plum 3/4 sleeve dress at Macy's

Plum 3/4 sleeve dress at Macy’s

blue taffeta and lace scoop neck

blue taffeta and lace scoop neck


Opinions?  I will have to go try some of these on, I guess.  I do tend to prefer V-necks and some sleeves.  Do y’all have any other suggestions?  Flowy pants and a blouse?

Jewelry Options

I do know that most of the dresses don’t need necklaces, but I have a great choice on stylish earrings in my jewelry box!

Plunder's Mason Earrings

Plunder’s Mason Earrings

Lucy earrings

Lucy earrings

And I’ve got bracelets covered too!

Plunder bracelets

Plunder bracelets – Chalon, Evie, Lucinda and Amanda which is now in gold setting not silver.

Thanks for tuning in today!  If you want to check out more Plunder offerings go to

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2 thoughts on “Wedding guest dresses – What do you like?

  • Janet Earling-Bencivenni

    I like the blue with cape! That would be a great dress to help hide “lumps and bumps”. I would go for the burgundy/plum looking on in a minute (that’s my signature color) if the shade is right. Definitely try them on and take pictures. The picture will tell more than the mirror. The choice of dress will, of course, determine your jewelry choice; but you have some great pieces picked out!

    • Pkarshis Post author

      Thanks Janet! I will get into the dressing room soon to try some of these styles on. Was hoping to drop a few lbs before 🙂

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