What To Do With Last Years Christmas Photo Cards!! 2

I don’t know about you, but I CANNOT bring myself to toss the Photo Cards I get at Christmastime after I have displayed them for the holidays!  When we get these cards or any card for Christmas they go on a wire tree that I hang on our pantry door.  Here are some other ways to display –

Come January, I’m ready to take them down and since I can’t throw them away, there are a couple of ways I have to save these memories.

  1. Make a laminated placemat out of them!  Years ago I glued the Photo Cards to a large 11 x 17 piece of paper – on both sides of the paper and then took them to Kinkos to be laminated. It cost a little bit, but it was really fun to see visitors faces when they found their picture on our table

2.  The next way I have kept these cards is on an inexpensive binder ring. I separate the cards by year and then hole punch the top corner and slide on the binder ring. I intend to make a year card for the front of each set. I put these in a basket on our coffee table and everyone loves flipping through these and exclaiming how young they looked! 

3.  Another approach would be to buy a gorgeous Christmas themed photo album and designate it for only these photo cards. You could do the album chronologically if you want to and display at the holidays for all to enjoy and reminisce!  Here are two I like or make your own.  The first pic is from Walmart the second pic is from Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions. Let me know in the comments what you do with the Photo Cards you receive!  I would love to know.

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